Trademark Plastics, Inc.'s Facilities

Feature Equipment

As a World Class Organization, we are dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs on a consistent and cost-efficient basis. Our flexible staff’s ability to analyze and forecast those needs has placed us at the forefront of an ever-evolving industry.

Two General Molding White Rooms
Two ISO Certified Clean Rooms
Quality/ Metrology
Stream-Lined Validation Proces
Finished Goods & Raw Materials Warehouse
Receiving & Distribution
Close-Tolerance Injection Molding
Dedicated Project Engineers
Tool Room
Maintenance Department
Certified Process Engineering

Feature Equipment

ZEISS Metrotom 800 CT Machine
2 OGP SmartScope Flash with Touch Probe Capability
Moisture Analyzer
Digital Height Gage with SPC Capability
Calipers with SPC Capability
Micrometers with SPC Capability
Deep Throat Micrometers
Blade Micrometers
Heat Staking
Absolute Digimatic Indicator with SPC Capability
Surface Plates
Weigh Scales
Thread and Smooth Plug & Ring Gages
Force Dial Gages
Pneumatic Cutters
Laminar Flow Benches
Mitutoyo Bore Gages

24/7 Real-Time Production Monitoring Tooling Program

Fully equipped on-site Prototyping and Mold Maintenance Facility

Trademark Plastics, Inc. assumes responsibility for all of the maintenance of a mold while in our possession, provided the following:

We are involved in the design and development of the mold

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